Answers to Common Questions


Lead-times are based on project specifications and location. Please call or email us with the details and we will let you know a schedule date. Expedited lead-times may also be available!

Drilling through solid rock is actually preferred! United Drilling has specialized equipment that allows us to drill quickly and efficiently through all natural ground conditions.

Our drilling services are available in multiple states, but the availability of our services can vary based on location. To find out if our services are available in your project area, please visit our contact us page and get in touch with us.

Our InsideAir™ drill rig can fit through a standard 30" doorway. It was designed to go "anywhere a wheel-chair can go". Read more about how it can accomplish this in our Inside Drilling Article.

United Drilling defines a high water table, in terms of hydraulic elevators, as when the static water level is above the pit floor. In this scenario we would highly recommend installing a steel water-tight liner at the time of drilling. United Drilling guarantees water will not come up from the inside of the steel liner. The water-proofer onsite will guarantee the water does not come up the outside of the steel liner.

United Drilling utilizes ¼” wall steel casing to drill; this casing will extend the entire depth of the hole OR until solid rock is encountered. Should job specifications require the hole to be cased full depth a steel liner may be purchased.

United Drilling drills by driving steel casing into the ground; the spoils (dirt) are then removed from the inside of the casing. For this reason we cannot install a bottom on the drill casing or we will not be able to advance it into the earth. If you need a bottom on the casing a steel liner must be purchased.

Yes. We will make noise. The rig we are using and ground formations we encounter will dictate the decibel level. Inside drilling is the rig typically questioned when noise is a concern. The loudest the rig has been recorded is 128dB; this intense volume occurs when the drill casing is being driven into the ground. Duration of this volume typically ranges from 15-45 minutes in increments throughout the day; the number of expected increments is based on the depth of the hole.

United Drilling has never been unable to complete a project. We give you a firm price to drill the hole and, unless we hit something unnatural, the drilling price will not change. If you would like to see a map of hole(s) we drilled close by, just send us an address and we will send you a link. You may be surprised we drilled right next door.

United Drilling has worked on over 4,000 modernization projects. While every project is unique you should have the confidence that the crew completing the work has the knowledge and resource to combat any issue that may arise. Please review our ‘Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement’ article to help you in preparing. If you are already under-going a replacement and have run into issues contact us to discuss a solution.

Please note our truck rig is roughly the size of a concrete truck and is equipped with rubber tires, not tracks. Please refer to our truck schematic for dimensions as the truck requires a 35’ by 12’ level area as well as 55’ of overhead clearance.

When United Drilling coined the phrase “Drilling Anywhere Through Anything” we were being very sincere. We have the equipment, tooling and knowledge to tackle any formation. In addition, contrary to popular belief, solid rock is a preferred drilling formation. Utilizing the correct, up-to-date drilling equipment, allows for a quick turn-around onsite. Don’t believe us? We likely have several projects close to yours; we can show you all of your ‘neighbors’ who also have inground hydraulic elevators. As an example the attached is a snapshot of downtown Philadelphia; each blue marker is a project we have drilled. We are happy to provide any information on drilling conditions.