Need an elevator upgrade?

United Drilling can help–we handle hydraulic cylinder replacements, upgrades and installations.
Elevator modernization can be a complex and costly disruption, and a major headache to building owners and managers. United Drilling understands what’s needed and offers cost-effective, full-service packages that ensure peace of mind on even the most difficult elevator modernization projects. Our experienced team provides customized solutions and on-call support throughout your project.

Jack Cylinder Replacements

United Drilling can furnish and install code-compliant jack assemblies engineered to any specifications for any project timeline. Jack cylinder replacement services include:

United Drilling handles jack cylinder replacement projects from start to finish. We remove existing cars from service, pull existing plungers & cylinders, engineer and furnish a complete new jack package. When requested we will even handle all the required permits and testing. Our premium work is guaranteed for one year with extension options.

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Success Stories

At United Drilling, we succeed where others have failed. We excel at challenging drilling projects in difficult conditions.