Knowledge & Power

Equipment & Technology

The United Drilling team has the power and versatility to tackle any drilling project. Our specialty equipment and tooling are engineered to quickly, safely, and accurately drill through any ground formation to the required depth and plumb.

We have formed a successful partnership with Atlas Copco for our rock drilling equipment and Symmetrix system, which allows us to simultaneously drill and case the hole. Our inventory includes pneumatic hammers and rock bits capable of drilling diameters ranging from 12″ to 36″, as well as specialized tooling for the Symmetrix system.

Uncompromised Efficiency

Truck Drilling

We have the expertise and equipment to drill through rock, sand, boulders, and cobbles with ease. We understand that every drilling project comes with its own complexities and challenges, which is why we offer solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our state-of-the-art fleet allows us to drill in any environment, including urban areas, and remote locations. Through our partnership with Watson, we maintain a fleet of Auger rigs, which excel in drilling non-rock formations. Our auger bits range from 12” to 48” in diameter, ensuring that we can tackle any job, big or small. Each of our mobile, truck-mounted drill rigs is efficient in its specialized area, making us the ideal partner.

The InsideAir Solution

Inside Drilling

At United Drilling, we specialize in drilling inside buildings of any size and in any ground conditions. With state-of-the-art technology, we can drill holes to any required depth or diameter without disturbing the existing structure.

Our InsideAir™ system is a compact and versatile rig designed specifically for elevator modernization projects and building renovations. This powerful system allows us to bring the full drilling capabilities of a rig through a standard 30” doorway. Best of all, the InsideAir™ is designed, fabricated, and maintained in-house, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Drilling Data

Our Stats

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cylinder replacements
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