Turnkey Modernization

Jersey City, City Hall

Client: TK Elevator

Drilling inside a historic building requires small equipment with big power. United Drilling’s trademarked InsideAirTM was designed inhouse to allow for access through a 30” doorway. We bring all the power of an outside truck drilling rig, through a 30” doorway, and assemble the rig within the existing hoistway. All that is required is a hoisting beam to support 10,000lbs. (and if you can’t supply the beam, we will supply a temporary one). Here at Jersey City City Hall we worked second shift as to not disturb the day-to-day operations of the courthouse. A hole was drilled to a depth of 65’ inside this building that was constructed in 1896. Rock was encountered at 37’ but, with our specialized flat bottom diamond carbide bits, drilling through rock to 65’ is no problem…it is actuall preferred.