Digging Deep, Inside A Private Residence

Client: Private Residence In Greenwich

A private homeowner in Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut reached out to United Drilling for assistance with installing a new hydraulic elevator. It was a small job with a big responsibility: a 25-foot hole needed to be drilled into solid bedrock, without disturbing the existing home.

Drilling a new hole in bedrock can be a daunting task, especially when it’s inside someone’s home. But for the experts at United Drilling it was just another day at the office. United Drilling utilized their InsideAir drill rig, which can be moved inside and assembled on the spot. A hole was bored through the solid rock to the depth and plumbness required. Next a steel water-tight liner was installed, and the rig was removed. Last, but certainly not least, the work area was thoroughly cleared of dirt and debris. United Drilling was onsite for approximately 16 hours from start to finish.

When United Drilling says “Drilling anywhere, through anything”, they mean it.