Elevator Modernization Equipment

United Drilling defines itself by the slogan “Drilling Anywhere Through Anything”. We confidently back-up this statement with our extensive arsenal of drilling equipment. At our finger-tips is specialty equipment and tooling, engineered to drill through all ground formations, quickly, safely, accurately, to the plumb and depth required.
Since 1988 we have advanced our equipment, improved our techniques, educated our personnel, and accumulated tooling to make our company and our services more efficient. We have successfully drilled over 60,000 elevator holes; completed over 4,000 cylinder replacements, drilled over 1,000 conductor holes and over 3,500 caisson holes. If there are questions on how to complete the project, United Drilling has the solution. “Any salesperson who told you that it is not possible to drill at your location did not consult with United Drilling first.”

Symmetrix & InsideAir

Our selection of specialized drilling equipment is our foundation and enables us to drill through all ground formations; boulders, bedrock, and layered soil conditions.

We have successfully partnered with Atlas Copco for our rock drilling equipment, and for the Symmetrix system which enables us to simultaneously drill and case the hole. We maintain an inventory of pneumatic hammers and rock bits for drilling 12” to 36” diameter along with the specialized tooling for the Symmetrix system. Through our partnership with Watson we maintain a fleet of Auger rigs which excel in drilling non-rock formations. Our auger bits range from 12” up to 48”. Each of these mobile, truck-mounted drill rigs is efficient in its’ specialized area. Our fleet of equipment is further enhanced with our own InsideAir™. With our InsideAir™ we are able to bring the power of a full drill rig through a standard 30” doorway. InsideAir™ is the ideal choice for any elevator modernization project or existing building renovation. This compact, versatile rig is designed, fabricated and maintained in our own facilities.

Modernization Equipment

The equipment necessary for in-ground hydraulic elevator cylinder modernizations demands its own area of real estate in our shops.

We have 200-Ton jacks for removing old cylinders, sanding socks for removing casings broken off below pit floors, bailers in a range of diameters for efficiently cleaning holes to depth and, of course, the drilling equipment necessary for any modification to the existing hole. United Drilling is your sole-source provider for all hydraulic cylinder replacement work. Our 30 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder holes translates into you having the least amount of downtime possible for your cylinder replacement project.

Success Stories

At United Drilling, we succeed where others have failed. We excel at challenging drilling projects in difficult conditions.